ZyGen: Front Runners in Offering Superior RPA Solutions for Global Brands

ZyGen is an IT consulting company founded in 1999, with its head office in Bangkok, Thailand. It is an innovative consulting company providing solutions and implementations for global brands such as Blue Prism, SAP, Microsoft, Google etc. The company has its own intellectual property such as AI/ML, OCR, ChatBot, and other smart solutions.

Nowadays, the world is changing faster than ever before in every way. Businesses need technologies and innovations to ensure that they can stay ahead of their competitors. With ZyGen’s innovative consulting services, its vision is to be a Trustworthy partner who helps in making successful business by increasing people efficiency, opportunities, and happiness. ZyGen helps its clients in IT strategies and building roadmap for their digital and business transformation. The company provides not only a high-level strategy but also the execution and implementation of services and solutions such as ERP (SAP S/4 HANA, ECC), Business Intelligence and Analytics (SAP BI, Business Objects, SAP Analytics Cloud, Microsoft Power BI, Tableau), Data Science, Big Data, Mobility (SAP Fiori, Mobile solutions), ChatBot, Automation, and Robotic Process Automation – RPA (Blue Prism). 

Mission to Achieve Great Business Performance 

ZyGen’s mission statements reads, “Innovative Consultancy for BETTER BUSINESS and LIFE”. With humble beginnings, the company started from a small group of IT people doing consulting services for a specific area. The company has been developing and introducing new services, new solutions, and innovations to its customers. The company’s aim is to help them achieve great business performance while improving its employees to work more effectively and more comfortably at the same time.   

Proactive Leader Spearheading Success 

Cholapatr Bhuripanyo is the Managing Director of ZyGen. Founded and led by Apirat Chaipiputtanamongkol, ZyGen has successfully grown from a small group of IT people into a well-established IT consulting company which become a trustworthy partner of several leading enterprises in Thailand. For example, with over a decade of continuous services, ZyGen has signed MOU with PTT Digital, IT Company of PTT Group which is ranked in Fortune Global 500. At present, Cholapatr as the Managing Director and Apirat as the Chairman of the board are leading the company. 

Rewarding Collaborations for Digital Transformation 

In recent years, ZyGen has been working with many leading enterprises for their digital transformation initiatives. The company believes that to become successful in digital business, it is important to focus both on external transformation (Digital Customer) and internal transformation (Digital Enterprise). It is not only about digitizing customer experience but also to strengthen the existing operational execution and raise the operation excellency to keep up with the business expansion and the new normal. RPA has been one of the most important strategic investments for this matter. With the right RPA strategy and robotic operating model, the company ensures that its customers successfully reduce cost, fasten processes, being able to pursue new opportunities, ready for providing new services, new solutions and possibly new business model which can disrupt the others. 

Valuing Disruptive Technologies to Scale-Up 

ZyGen values that consumer expectation and consumer behaviour have changed dramatically over recent years. It has become “Age of Now”. Whenever consumers feel that they want to get something, they expect to get it right away. They will not wait until the next day. They seek for an online channel that can serve their demand 24×7 (24 hours 7 days a week). With COVID-19 pandemic, the need to reduce physical presence is even greater. With innovation like RPA, instead of asking a human to do the repetitive low-value task, RPA can be used as the digital workforce to take care of these tasks. Then, the human is allowed to move to higher-value tasks. In addition, it is much more effective to scale up digital workforce as additional robots can do the job straight away without orientations or training as required by a new human employee. AI and Machine Learning play an important role to make it even better. The company further adds, robots can keep improving and become smarter with AI and ML. In addition, seamless integration and collaboration between robot and human are especially important. For the robot to report and notify results to human and for the human to talk to robot conveniently, natural language processing (NLP) is a great addition to increase the technology adoption rate and make a great impact to the customers’ success. 

Passion to Innovate Customer Experience 

The company’s passion is to make better business and life for its clients where it helps them to explore new possibilities and new opportunities. ZyGen has collaborated with many global brands and also has a subsidiary company- Humanize which operates as a tech start-up company innovating in strategic areas such as AI/ML, OCR, Chat-bot, NLP including localize capabilities such as NLP for Thai language.  

Recognitions and Accolades 

As a certified partner of global brands, ZyGen won several awards and achievements such as “The Best SAP Upgrade Project” awarded by SAP, “Channel partner outstanding sales performance” awarded by SAP, “Top 10 SAP Solution Providers in Asia Pacific (2018, 2019)” awarded by APAC CIO Outlook, “First Center of Excellence in Thailand – Blue Prism” (2019), “First Delivery Provider Silver Level in Southeast Asia – Blue Prism” (2020), “Award Winner – Blue Prism Partner Award 2020, London and Austin, TX” (2020).  

For its own IP and innovations, ZyGen has also won awards such as “Winner of Start Up Thailand in area of AI & ChatBot” (2018), “Thailand ICT Award, Category of Professional Services Solution” (2019), “Most 30 Innovative Companies” (2019) by CIO Bulletin.     

The Key Success for Digital Transformation 

Cholapatr believes that technology has evolved rapidly in the past few years and RPA is on a steeply rising curve. RPA has been the hot topic amongst C-Suite and is gaining ground across several industries including banking, insurance, oil & gas, manufacturing, retail, healthcare & pharmaceuticals, hospitality, telecommunications, etc. However, many enterprises are still in the evaluation phase; many have implemented but still in the initial stages. This is just the beginning of RPA era. RPA will continue to be a strategic investment and key success for digital transformation in the years to come. RPA strategy and ROM (Robotic Operating Model), and the integration between RPA and other innovations such as AI/ML, OCR will be critical components to ensure that enterprises move forward in the right direction and successfully scale up their RPA capabilities to achieve more and more business benefits in years to come.     

Fostering Digital Collaboration for the Future Ahead 

Speaking about the exciting future ahead, Cholapatr shares that RPA will become a must for leading enterprises. Collaboration between humans and robots will become the new norm. He adds, “In the near future, we will not ask only about the number of (human) employee, but also the number of digital worker (robot) in each organization. Leading enterprises with vision and the right RPA strategies will not ask if the robot will replace human but will focus on how robot and human can collaborate seamlessly and effectively.” With the right RPA roadmap and execution, leading enterprises will gain even more competitive advantage, being able to run the business faster, more effective, at a lower cost, and become even more successful. 

Source : ZyGen: Front Runners in Offering Superior RPA Solutions for Global Brands

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