Many believe that efficiency and minimum cost are the only parameters around which success in enterprises is measured. However, Cholapatr Bhuripanyo, Partner, ZyGen Company Limited begs to differ. While efficiency is just one aspect of the value equation, Bhuripanyo believes that innovation forms the backdrop for value creation in modern enterprises. That’s precisely what constitutes the fundamental ingredients of ZyGen Company Limited. The company not only implements SAP solutions but also offers a variety of innovative services.

As the number of SAP implementers rises steadily, Bangkok-based ZyGen Company Limited differs by providing “Innovative Consultancy for Better Business and Life.” ZyGen gears itself to adapt constantly to the changing customer demands by building appropriate skill sets, services, and processes. This, in combination with its ingenious teamwork, helps ZyGen in living up to its slogan “Allow us to Join Your Success.”

With its passion for enhancing businesses, ZyGen’s innovative services include ERP, BI, Mobility, ABAP customization and process integration. Apart from the rich ERP functionalities and UX like Fiori that customers are usually provided at the end of a project, ZyGen offers alternatives to suit their requirements through its SAP ERP Implementation better. ZyGen’s NICE “Ready-to-Use solution and platform” connects to SAP solutions like S/4 HANA and SAP ECC and helps in integrating the ERP and other back-end systems with AI, machine language, automation, NLP chatbots and IoT devices.

The SAP Cloud Platform, Cloud Foundry, powers the NICE platform. Having constructed SAP prototypes for nearly 20 years, ZyGen provides services on-site at the customer location and also proffers remote services to multinational companies.

The company’s NICE platform has six main components and encompasses human resources, accounting, sales, and delivery, besides which it also has analyzing capabilities. “The platform understands and analyzes user sentiments,” says Bhuripanyo. ZyGen’s SAP on Chat Application aids in further simplifying the users’ task by allowing clients typing into Facebook Messenger, Line application and the like, to verify information by connecting its back-end to SAP systems.

“To leverage SAP solutions, the customer and the implementer are both significant—it is not only about the solution,” says Bhuripanyo. Thus, ZyGen ensures cooperation between its team and the customer in completing its projects. The solutions are dispatched within a fixed time period. These solutions are usually cloud-based, deployed on SAP cloud platforms, allowing customers to choose solutions that are best suited to their requirements. “Our expertise and experience in implementing SAP Solutions, together with cost-effectiveness and ability to provide out-of-the-box solutions, are key to our success,” says Bhuripanyo.

Bhuripanyo describes a case where ZyGen’s expertise proved invaluable to a client who was faced with severe difficulty in matching invoices. The varied payment cases, coupled with complicated and heavy-duty manual invoice clearing, had left its accountants exhausted while causing high business costs. The NICE solution, delivered in a matter of weeks on SAP Cloud Foundry with a certified ABAP add-on installed in the customer’s back-end through S/4 HANA, came to their rescue. ZyGen’s automation ensured that the matching invoices were executed automatically instead of human manual invoice matching, which was then sent to their preferred chat application. This brought about a drastic change in the organization, as accountants received messages in the morning regarding how many invoices have been matched, and if any require manual adjustment. The matching invoice automation improves with the advancement in ZyGen’s AI capability, allowing employees to spend more time on other tasks while also cutting operational costs.

More pre-built functionalities for the NICE platform, including an information-to-action package for sales and purchasing, will be released soon. Even as ZyGen has most of its current customers in Thailand, plans of geographical expansion are on the cards. “We plan to deliver more innovative solutions while continuously improving our existing solutions,” concludes Bhuripanyo.

source : ZyGen Company Limited: When Efficiency Meets Innovation

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