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Company Overview

ZyGen is a Solution provider company with our principle office in Thailand. Our Core business is providing our clients with solutions in the area of SAP, ERP and E-Commerce. We at ZyGen bring state-of-the-art technology closer to our clients. As a proactive partner, our focus is towards providing comprehensive solutions to maximize our customer investment returns and meeting their organizational Objectives. ZyGen has competencies in Banking, financial services, manufacturing, petroleum, telecommunication, Internet, health care and government sector projects.


Qualification :
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineer or in a related field. 

  • Demonstrated ability to architect scalable solution in a fast-paced environment 

  • Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements 

  • At least 2 years’ with Developer Role in Web Application. 

  • Proficiency in backend languages (Javascript / JAVA) 

  • Basic knowledge of frontend development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX and JSON 

  • Understanding and experience of the non-relational database (as MongoDB, Firebase Realtime Database or Firestore, etc.). 

  • Experience with Typescript. 

  • Experience with Git, also knowing Git flow. 

Key Responsibility :
  • Collaboration with team members to understand requirements and propose solutions 

  • Developing new features to the existing projects. Fix defects requested from clients. 

  • Translating designs and wireframes into high quality code material 

  • Providing unit testing and integration testing. 

  • Delivery and Deployment of the feature on the server. 

  • Be a mentor for the team member 

  • Learning, understanding new software development methodologies and adapt to use with the organization. 

Pluses :
  • Experience in Reactive programming. 

  • Experience in Functional programming. 

  • Experience in Linux Server. 

  • Experience in TDD. 

  • Experience with AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. 

  • Experience in container technology such as Docker, Kubernetes. 

  • Experience in Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery such as GitLab CI. 

  • Experience with Messaging API such as LINE Facebook messenger. 

Job Descriptions : 
  • Explore and assess processes across different departments to identify the suitable processes to be implemented.  

  • Analysis, design, and optimization to transform traditional business process through the concept of digitization and/or process automation where appropriate.  

  • Conduct business requirement gathering and setup workshops.  

  • Design workflows for the process automation.  

  • Develops documentation for process automation specification, test scripts, end user manuals, training, and related document.  

  • Work with process stakeholders to examine current workflow and practices of selected processes.   

  • Collaborate with developers to ensure smooth implementation and plan the implementation together with process stakeholders.  

  • Understanding of the business processes, standards and practices of related applications relevant. (Financials, Logistics, Sales and Distribution, etc.) 

Qualifications : 
  • Minimum 1 year experience in business analysis.  

  • Experience in multi-project managements with cross-functional departments.  

  • Experience in project management of Banking and/or Financial. Minimum of 1-2 years will be advantage.  

  • Experience in business requirement analysis, business process design, system testing, and user training.  

  • Experience in documenting such as business process flow, analyze business process and develop test plans and test cases.  

  • Swiftly understand business perspectives, user requirements.  

  • Capable of multi-tasking and getting things done.  

  • Must have in-depth knowledge of the business life cycle e.g.O2C, P2P, H2R, etc.  

  • Strong communication skills to engage all stakeholders and lead/coach project team.  

  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills.  

  • Relevant strong communication and interpersonal skills, good team player.  

Job Description :
  • Collaborate with business analysts to analyze and design solution.
  • Develop programs in SAP with ABAP programming language 
  • Develop Fiori applications with SAPUI5 and OData 
  • Providing unit testing and technical specification
Qualifications :
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Management Information System, Computer Science, Engineering or related fields 

  • Be a self-motivated, enthusiastic team player, fast learner, and always ready for job rotation. 

  • Good communication skill, attitude and positive thinking 

  • Strong problem analysis and solving skills 

  • Good command of both written and spoken English 

  • Strong commitment and Loyalty to organization 

  • Able to travel up-country

Job Description :
  • Engage key Business to collect requirement and confirmation from process owner. 

  • Analyze in-depth processes to determine the feasibility of RPA. 

  • Develops documentation for process automation specification, test scripts, end user manuals, training, technical, and related document. 

  • Engage process owners to walkthrough or review and sign off processes before start implementation. 

  • Design, develop and configure robotic process automations per business process and requirements documentation. 

  • Code required logic for processing and exception scenarios or advance process. 

  • Conduct process testing and support user acceptance testing (UAT) activity and conduct UAT Summary Report 

  • Working as support that perform incident / issue investigation. 

  • Rectifies the defect of process issue faced by the End User. 

  • Perform issue troubleshooting to help prevent unnecessary incidents and provide pertinent details when incidents are indeed raised 

  • Problem solving that arise in day to day and providing timely responses and solutions as required. 

Qualifications :
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Information Technology, Management Information System, Accounting Information System, Computer Science, Engineering or related fields  

  • Thai Nationality. 

  • Good team player and be able to work independently under the pressure. 

  • Experience in C# or will be advantage. 

  • Experience in Microsoft SQL Server will be advantage. 

  • Experience in business requirement analysis, business process design, system testing, and user training. 

  • Experience in documenting such as business process flow, analyze business process and develop test plans and test cases. 

  • Understanding of workflow based logic and the ability to both understand a business process from a workflow diagram, and to illustrate a written process description as a workflow diagram.  

  • Understanding of workflow based logic and ability to both understand a current state of the business process from a workflow diagram. 

  • Good communication skills with the ability to present technical details to a non-technical audience.  

  • Good written skills with the ability to document and explain business processes.  

  • A self-starter who delivers high quality work and can adapt to new challenges, either on their own or as part of a team.  

  • Able to travel up-country will be advantage. 

  • English skill will be advantage.


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If you have any questions, please contact us
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